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Long Walk Home Chapter 5
    Silently we wait, counting every second by while we watch our target.  I never imagined Crowley to be such a family man, but from what I see he’d appear to be a model civilian.  Here we are, parked on the opposite side of street, watching through his large windows and listening through the bugs we hid, and with all of the surveillance we haven’t found a thing.  The most excitement we’ve seen from him is when his daughter, Ava, won this day’s Family Game Night pick, Monopoly.
    “Hey, Ethan,” Anthony asked from behind my seat, his mouth still chewing the hot pizza we got for the night.  “Any of this feel familiar?”
    Ethan thought for a moment—he looked almost contempt in his trance—before saying, “Looks like my home.” He chuckled at the resemblance.  I couldn’t help but notice it too.  The exterior had a row of roses planted on either side of
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Long Walk Home Chapter 4
    The van glides smoothly across the highway, taking us closer and closer to our destination.  My fireteam sits behind me and investigates the files I had brought with me.  Claire sits up beside me, with Thomas and Ethan in the second row.  Behind them, Anthony and Jane talk excitedly about games and gossip around the base.  I would interrupt them and tell the two that they should read the profiles and reports, but we have another eight hours on the road.  There will be time and, after all, Thomas told me not to lose myself in the mission.  That goes for them too.  Ethan is on an I-pad investigating all of the mysterious deaths and disappearances happening, while Thomas scans over Captain Crowley’s profile.  
    I can’t help but remark on how my old friends look like in their human form.  Thomas looks just like the last time I saw him.  He has short black hair and always seems to stand out with his che
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Long Walk Home Chapter 3
    Nervously I lead my team down familiar hallways, knowing well that this could be the last time we see Requiem Tower.  If Captain Crowley really is as bad as they say he is, the next time I come back may be in a coffin, my ring and small possessions underneath a ceremonial grave.  I shake my head free of those macabre thoughts and focus on the matters at hand.  This is my last chance to train before I’m deployed.  I’d like to get at least one good fight, no guns and tricks involved.
    “Layne?” Anthony’s young, pubescent voice calls out.  “Are you okay?” His tail flits back and forth.  His eyes hold a fiery passion that begs to know the truth.  I smile down at the little Charmander.
    “Yeah, I’m okay.  Just thinking about the mission, that’s all.”  He gives me an appreciative nod and I instantly know that he’s seen past my ruse.  
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Hotel Echo :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 3 9
Long Walk Home Chapter 2
    Clutched files cling to my side as I walk briskly through Requiem’s decorated halls and corridors.  Pictures of previous Headmasters, Commanders and Captains hang between shining crimson banners, gold lining and tassels weaving into a pattern.  The lights shine brightly above me and gleaming linoleum floors reflected the brilliant white, polished floors.  Thomas is ahead of me, his large tail waving slowly back and forth with curious anticipation.  I share the same feeling, Thomas; the unease of what this meeting’s about.  I adjust the files, my report of my time in the field, to rest between my forearm and my waist, my wrist curled upwards to grasp tightly to the critical dossiers.  
    Two guards, one an Alakazam and the other a Gurdur, protect the deep red doors to the control room.  The control room resides in the centre of the base, which I’ve only glimpsed once before.  That was long ago, when I fi
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Long Walk Home Chapter 1 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 3 16
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In Plain Sight Chapter 13 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 2 8
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In Plain Sight Chapter 12 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 0 8
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In Plain Sight Chapter 11 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 2 2
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In Plain Sight Chapter 10 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 1 9
In Plain Sight Chapter 9 (Re-Upload)
     Layne stepped out of his car and walked across the street, once again taken aback by the ornate and intricate design of his apartment building.  There were beautiful carved patterns running through the brick, which was something Layne had never gotten old of looking at.  The lines crossed each other and weaved back and forth, splitting into more lines that joined or spread away.  Those in turn split more.  Over and over these lines split as they rose higher until they reached the top, were every line branched out to create a tree bare of leaves.  Layne put his left hand to the right side of his waist.  He reached under his shirt and felt the small pink lines of flesh from his scar.  The burning seemed to have subsided.  Suddenly, pain struck across the scar as he felt sparks and jolts of electricity course through the wound.  It was as if the pain was fresh once again.  And, for a few seconds, he believed it w
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In Plain Sight Chapter 8 (Read Desc)
       Layne walked slowly down the dirt road, hands in his pockets with a solemn look on his face.  He watched as his breath pushed the cool, autumn air by and felt the crisp air in his lungs.  It was good for him out here.  There was no pollution, no watchful Éxtinctionist, and little to no hikers.  He was alone, and alone was what he wanted. 
     Layne stopped by a small clearing in the trees and listened to the chirp of birds and buzz of bugs.  It was early morning, before the sun had even risen in fact, and the air was icy.  Layne had been hiking for hours through the bramble and hills out here, which made him quite tired.  However, the cool air and constant sounds of the forest made him quite aware.  As a soldier, he was taught to always be aware of his surroundings.  That was especially so when in a forest where every tree could house an enemy.
     Layne looked ou
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Layne Host's Bio
Accessing files...
Access granted.  Beginning extraction process.
Extraction Successful.  Opening CLSFFLLAYNEHOSTPSYCHASSESSMENT.doc...
File opened
5/22/2015 Psychological Report Psychological Assessment of PRT Specialist Agent Layne Host regarding his request to accept Mission N 586.  Psychological report names have not been altered as it is not needed in such an evaluation.
*CONFIDENTIAL* The following psychological assessment report is intended as a communication between professionals. This report includes sensitive information that shall only be seen by fellow Psychologists regarding the stability of Layne Host, Commander in Chief Jerrod L Mastif, Headmaster of Requiem Tower Base Krane Sorem, Psychologist Joseph Ian, and their respective superiors.
Confidential Material
NAME: Layne Host
DATE OF BIRTH: 2/6/1996
CHRONOLOGICAL AGE: 18 years 11 months
PARENTS: Lindsay Trevers & Lucas Host
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In Plain Sight Chapter 7
    “Why did we bring him here!” Layne flinched and rolled in his sleep.  He desperately tried to pin the voice to someone, but to no avail.
    “Éxtinctionists would’ve gotten to him.  We had to take him too.” Layne looked for the source of the voice.  No one was there, just darkness.
    “It’s not fair!  Why is he even in my care?  I do not, will not, work with humans!  Look, he’s already crying-“
    “Hey!  Be a little more empathetic of the child’s feelings!” Layne stirred, half awake.  He was confused, who were these voices?
    “These humans are all the same, WEAK!” Layne’s eyes shot open at the sudden internal yelling.  He looked around, panicked from his sudden nightmare.  He moved his head too fast to register his surroundings, forcing him to slow down and wipe the terror sweat from hi
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In Plain Sight Chapter 6 :iconjustice1212:Justice1212 1 13
In Plain Sight Chapter 5
    Layne grabbed his keys and sorted through the assortment of silver and gold items.  His mind was still at the office, thinking about everything he had learned in the past two weeks.  Everything was such a hustle; he had paperwork, training, seminars, and talks about missions with Archer.  Even after that, Layne had occasional lunches with Ethan the paramedic and toured the Base everyday.  There was just no break as he was constantly shuffled between jobs, up stairs and through narrow corridors.  Trying to distance himself from his work, he grabbed the correct key and slid it into the lock and turned it.  With a metallic ‘click’, the door opened and an enthusiastic Anthony greeted Layne.
    He had been sitting on the couch, playing a game of Watch_Dogs on the PlayStation.  He was always playing that game when Layne got home, but it wasn’t like he didn’t do anything.  Quite the contrary really, Antho
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Boy is it hard to stay motivated and write when doctors keep telling you horrible shit you already knew.…
Please, spread the word around.  A friend of mine has fallen on tough times and needs support in any way you can.  Umbra-Regina has done so much for plenty of people, she shouldn't have to endure what's happening to her...
NOOOOOOO The story I finished yesterday was lost when my computer powered down.  Wtf is thisssssss >:[
50% done like three stories.  Feels good to finally pen down some stories :D
Gonna get back into writing finally.  Expect something by next week :D


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Aaaaaand I beat it.  Holy crap was that a great game.  Now I see why people got so into it.  The music, art style, pacing, and battles were so freaking great.  Also, that ending was probably one of the most satisfying endings I have ever had the joy of seeing.  Sparing everyone really gave the game a new depth to it.  Now, I do have a choice to make: Should I true reset?  If I do, I could go for a genocide run, although I doubt I'd actually go through with it.  Surprisingly, the game made me care about people's fate.  I could also go for another True Pacifist and see what's changed.  I heard that Sans has different dialogue and stuff.  Aside from that, the game was really inventive and just smart.  Especially how the bullet hells were different and that to do a genocide, you would have to actually try much harder to kill everyone than to just spare those you meet.
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